We offer a wide variety of stationery, such as memo pads, pencils, notebooks, and sticky notepads.

Three-memo-pad sets


Custom set of 3 "kawaii" memo pads. The covers and the pads can be seperately customized.

Order quantity: from 2,000

Sticky notepads

Sticky note pad

We apply your mascot to sticky note pads in 5 different designs and convenient sizes.

Order quantity: from 2,000



Your original notebook with multiple color covers and single color sheets.

Order quantity: from 1,000


Glue tape

Five selections in the background color. The side graphic can be designed with your mascot or logo etc.

Order quantity: from 1,000

Puffy stickers

Puffy stickers

A sheet of soft puffy stickers. No limitation on the number of cuttings in one sheet.

Order quantity: from 1,000



Wide variety of shapes such as hexagonal, square and round are available. A popular gift for children.

Order quantity: from 7,200

Mascot pens

mascot pens

Pens with ATBC-PVC or plush mascots.

Order quantity: from 3,000

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