Mascots work!

Welcome to our website!
We are mascot specialists; a Japanese company producing high quality, custom promotional goods such as
stuffed and plush toys,stationery etc. based on your mascot or logo.

Does your company or organization have an original mascot? If so, let us help it work for your business.

We can turn your mascot into various products such as stuffed and plush toys, puppets, decorative straps, mobile-phone cleaners, notebooks, earphone jacks, ballpoint pens, socks, etc. Reliable quality can be assured based on our broad experience of OEM for numerous clients including; corporations, companies and various local governments in Japan, the country where "kawaii" culture was born.

We can take orders for small quantities. Feel free to contact us directly for details.

Mascot artwork turns into Stuffed Toys!
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Stationery
  • Sundries
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